Fireworks We have the Largest Selection
In the State of Rhode Island also with In 500 miles
We Carry Over 500 Items
And at any given time we have
Over 2
50+ Items on Display Year round .
We Carry the Brand's you want
At the very Best  Pricing No Buy one get one free Scams
We do not sell Firecrackers & Rockets & other none Legal fireworks we carry a full line of
Rhode Island Legal fireworks  Safe and Sane All 100% Rhode Island Legal
We have the very Largest Selection of Rhode Island and CT Fireworks In 300 Miles
Most every store In the Tri State area 1x all the way to 3x Higher Prices then us.
We don't not try to make the rent on one customer we make are money by volume
We offer Fair Prices and dont scam any of our customers with Buy one Get One Scam!
Rhode Island Largest Firework Retailer
2018 Is the year for us were Doubling    Our Selection!
No other Fireworks shop with In 300 Miles of us Cary's more RI & CT Legal Fireworks
We will top of this year 2018 at over 500 Plus Items!

Where Open 7Days a week year round No call ahead like other shops
If you have to call and set up a time and date to buy your fireworks then
There not really open all year long like us
There say a Picture is worth a 1000s words So click Below and see our shop.
We have Extended Hrs starting In June all the way Until the day after 4th as always were
Open 7 days a week all year round so come check us out are selection is worth the Trip!
   Welcome to T.C.S.    Airsoft / Paintball  & Car Audio / Fireworks  
             Were open 7 days a wk year round and most Holidays
                  272 Main st Woonsocket Rhode Island  02895
                     2017 Business Hours
                    Mon-Thursday     11am - 5pm
                    Fridays                  11am - 7pm
                      Saturday               10am - 5pm
                       Sunday                  10am - 1pm
                                   Announcement March 20th
       We have been working hard all Winter looking into only the best Brands and Labels for are Customers at the best Value.
                        As shown above were now stocking Dynomite Fireworks great line even better Price's
We just closed the deal today for are 2nd new Line / Label of Fireworks Dominator fireworks a very big name in the Business.
                       They also have Many wonderful items that we will have in with In the next 2 weeks or so
             Don't forget we still carry all the Lines / Labels you guys already love  just going to step up our game
                              We lead the way when it comes to Retail Fireworks In the State of Rhode Island
   were looking into at lease One more Brand maybe 2 but one more for sure this alone will Top us off at over 500 Items
I would like to Thanks all of are customers for making us Number one here In RI if it wasn't for you guys we would have never
Been able to grow every year last year we doubled in side there year where doing it again we get better prices we pass unto
Our  Customers 2018 is going to be the Year my friends Shop us first and Get More Bang for your Buck 7days a wk Yr Round!
                                    Announcement March 17
  We are Proud to ad Dynomite Firework to our Family I believe our customers will very much enjoy there Unique items they offer.
              They also offer fair prices that we will pass unto our Customers and like us there also Family Owned Businesses

                       2018 Dynomite Fireworks are In stock
            Hoping to have Dominator Brand In with some time next 2 week there still Digging out will update asap
                Also others brands we will also be adding besides the great lines we now carry will update soon.
     # 1 Firework Store In Rhode Island Largest Selection of Rhode Island Legal Firework's In 500 Miles
             You can ad all the other Fireworks Vendors In RI even the short term tent guys
       And I still don't Believe they would top are Selection and i no they cant touch are Pricing
                                                  No Buy one get one free scams Here!
                           Its not free if your paying 3x  even 4x the price for the first one !
                 Remember were open 7 days a week all year long and most holidays also
Unlike others who say there open year round its not year round if you have to call and make a appointment.
This Year we will top off at over Five Hundred Items will pulling out all the stops this year come check us out!
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2018 Read Below lots of New's all about are Firework Business
As always we Thank you are Customers for making us #1 Firework Dealer In Rhode Island
If it wasn't for our customers we would have never been able to grow to the Largest Firework Dealer In RI
      This Is Only One Brand we carry.      We have many other Brans in stock
           Assortments - Fountains - Novelties - Sparklers - Ground Spinners
                       Update April 17 2018
    Dominator Fireworks are In Stock as of today  4/17/18
         Its took a little longer but they hit the doors today
( Note More Dynomite Items also coming in Soon! )
     Next Label coming in will be Black Cat will update soon
also Note there are a Ton of new items from the great Labels
        we all ready stock World Class and Sky Bacon
              Close to 100 new items also from them
 We should hit are 500 Plus items with in the next 30 days